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I am pleased to announce my show “Where the Cowboy Once Roamed” is now hanging at The Yerington Theatre for the Arts through April 27th, 2012. Please join me for an Artist Reception Thursday April 19th from 5:00 – 7:00 PM Yerington Theatre for the Arts Jeanne Dini Center…


Wonder Did you ever wonder what life would be like without all the pain and anger and strife Did you ever wonder what life could bring if you wanted love instead of money and things Did you ever wonder how much you could help if you cared for others as much as yourself I know … Continue reading

Chapter 1-3

  Preface The first things I saw were his eyes. Dark, ebony pools, glistening in the moonlight. His eyes were impossibly dark, even in the dim car, with only the glow of the dashboard lights illuminating him.   He smiled, and even though danger was near, I felt safe. He took my hands in his … Continue reading

Crochet Creations

I love fiber art. I can’t get enough. I crochet, knit, weave, spin and anything else that could involve string, yarn, cordage, etc etc etc. I could go on, but here are some pictures instead. The little people are my creations as well, but I can only take half the credit.